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Tandem Careplanning:
Revolutionizing Home Care

Our Mission to Provide Accessible, Affordable, and Quality Care for All

Our Mission:

At Tandem Careplanning, our mission extends beyond traditional home care. We blend a proactive, task-oriented, and outcome-based approach to provide precisely the support our care recipients require. Through innovation and insight, we champion both caregivers and those they serve, fostering a community defined by thriving independence and holistic well-being. Our dedication is not only to deliver care but to pioneer a journey where dignity, individuality, and proactive solutions intersect. At Tandem, we're redefining care, elevating expectations, and crafting a future where everyone flourishes.

Our Core Values:
Our Story
A Shared Journey to Transform Home Care

Our CEO, Joshua Greer, faced the same challenges and frustrations as countless families when seeking quality home care for his parents. Disappointed by inconsistent and costly care, Joshua and his wife Lisa decided to create Tandem Careplanning to reinvent the home care experience.


With a clear goal in mind, they aimed to make home care accessible and affordable without compromising on quality, enabling families to receive the support they need without sacrificing independence or quality of life.

A Decade of Experience
Transformed into an
Innovative Care Solution

Over almost ten years and tens of thousands of hours of care later, Tandem Careplanning has developed a better, more affordable solution:


TandemCARE. This unique offering eliminates the pain points of traditional caregiving, such as long shift minimums, high hourly rates, no-shows, inconsistency, and unaffordability.

Our Commitment

We're dedicated to making high-quality home care accessible to every family. Our Care Teams are committed to helping families navigate the complex world of home care, providing guidance and support every step of the way.

With Tandem Careplanning, you can trust that you will receive the highest quality of care at an affordable price, all while maintaining your independence and quality of life. Thank you for considering Tandem Careplanning as your home care partner.

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