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Asked Questions

  • Am I too young/old for these services?
    Age is an accomplishment, not an enrollment requirement. Our services are tailored to each individual member. We pride ourselves on not segregating people by age; which makes each of the communities we serve diverse, local and full of life.
  • How do I know if TandemCARE™ is right for me (or my loved one)?
    We designed TandemCARE™ to support seniors who want to stay in their homes as they age. We've eliminated the pain points of traditional caregiving - long shift minimums, high hourly rates, no-shows, inconsistency, and unaffordability. If you're unsure if TandemCARE™ is right for you (or your loved one), schedule a complimentary Care Consultation. We'll go over your unique care situation and help you decide if TandemCARE™ is the best option. If we think you'd be better suited for another type of care, we'll happily refer you to one of our preferred partners.
  • Can I choose when my TandemCARE™ visits are scheduled?
    TandemCARE™ visits are scheduled between the hours of 8am to 8pm, Monday through Friday. During the initial Care Assessment, you will choose which windows of time best suit your schedule and preferences. Schedules may vary week to week and are dependent on the type of services you are receiving. All members receive a message each morning letting them know when their first visit is scheduled.
  • How long are TandemCARE™ visits?
    The length of each TandemCARE™ visit depends on the type of service that is being provided. For example, meal preparation may only take 30 minutes, while bathing and getting ready in the morning may take an hour. Each visit is individually tailored to address member's specific needs. Rather than paying for a caregiver to sit around in between tasks, TandemCARE™ visits are hyper-focused and designed to provide the care you need in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Will I have the same caregiver for each TandemCARE™ visit?
    TandemCARE™ Teams consist of 3-4 professional caregivers, a Care Supervisor and a Licensed Vocation Nurse (LVN) that work together to provide the highest quality of care to each member. You’ll get an alert before each visit to let you know which member of your dedicated team is on their way.
  • When can I schedule my TandemCARE™ visits?
    TandemCARE™ visits are scheduled between 8am and 8pm, Monday through Friday. During the initial Care Assessment, we'll go over preferences and routines and help each member choose which windows of time will work best for their specific needs.
  • I'm interested! What are the next steps?
    If you are interested in signing up for a TandemCARE™ Membership Plan, we will schedule a complimentary Care Consultation to discuss your needs and which membership level will fit best. These consultations give you an opportunity to ask questions and find out more about how TandemCARE™ can help you live your best life.
  • What kind of services can the Care Concierge coordinate?
    Your Care Concierge team can help you coordinate a variety of services through our preferred partner network. Whether it be coordinating transportation to an appointment, helping set up a meal delivery plan or arranging laundry services – we’re here to help with any needs that may come up.
  • Do you provide 24/7 monitoring and real-time fall detection with CareConnect™?
    We do not provide monitoring 24/7. CareConnect™ is not an emergency response system, but a passive monitoring system that provides insights into health signals and changes to routine and behavior. We use these insights to empower our TandemCARE™ Teams to deliver better care. For members looking for 24/7 monitoring or around-the-clock emergency response services, we can refer you to one of our preferred partners.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    All Membership Plans are month-to-month and can be cancelled at any time, for any reason with 7 days written notice.
  • What kind of training do your caregivers receive?
    Every Tandem caregiver is a registered Home Care Aide (HCA) licensed by the state of California. They must pass a comprehensive background check cleared by the Department of Social Services, the FBI and the Department of Justice. Every caregiver is CPR and First Aid certified and is provided extensive training, with expertise ranging from companion care to specialty care.
  • Can my TandemCARE™ Team provide medical care?
    TandemCARE™ Teams do not provide medical services, but we work with many partners across the healthcare community who can help provide the right care at the right time. Some of these services include nursing care, physical therapy, speech therapy and more. As part of your TandemCARE™ Membership, you are assigned a dedicated Care Manager who can help coordinate with other providers, such as home health and hospice.
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