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Our Services

TandemCARE is taking a new approach to the delivery of home care, one that honors the dignity and individuality of each senior.


General Check-in Support

You know better than anyone how much care you need. Sometimes consistent care is not necessary, but you feel more comfortable with someone stopping by a few times a week to help with household chores, like meal prep or laundry, or just to make sure you’re OK. TandemCARE is ready to send someone to help with whatever you need, when you need it.


Respite Support

Being a full-time caregiver can be exhausting. TandemCARE knows everyone needs a break to recharge and have some personal time. Your TandemCARE caregiver will be there to take over responsibilities until you get back.


Bathing and Hygiene Support

If fear of falling in the tub or shower is stopping you from feeling comfortable taking care of your personal hygiene, a TandemCARE caregiver will be assigned to you to alleviate that worry. You’ll be paired with a caregiver who makes sure your privacy, comfort, and dignity are respected.


Meal Prep and Lifestyle Support

Planning and preparing a meal can be time-consuming, and handling a sharp knife may not be comfortable for you, so let your TandemCARE caregiver offer support in the kitchen. Your caregiver can also help with any aspect of your lifestyle, like watering plants, feeding the dog, or helping you download the latest app.

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Care Connect Means 24/7 Peace of Mind

Tandem Care’s secure, passive sensors (with no cameras or microphones) make sure your loved ones know your activity patterns and important health signals, providing comfort without intrusion.

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Medication Support

Taking your medications on the right schedule is vital to maintaining your health. TandemCARE caregivers will be there, on time, to make sure nothing is missed.


Transitional Support

A stay in the hospital can leave you exhausted and confused with new medications to take, new rules, and physical therapy practices to follow. Your TandemCARE caregiver will help you every step of the way by checking in, making sure medicines are being taken, and new physical therapies are being practiced.


Housekeeping Support

Keeping a clean house can give you such a lift, but carrying a heavy vacuum or mopping the floor might be more than you can comfortably handle right now. No worries, your TandemCARE caregiver will be there to do the heavy lifting, so you can be comfortable in the knowledge you can still live independently.

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Social Connection Support

Being connected socially becomes even more important as you grow older and move away from lifelong friends. Conversations keep you sharp and bring happiness into your day. Your TandemCARE caregiver will keep you company and help you write letters, play your favorite games, exercise, or engage in your favorite hobby.

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