What our members love about TandemCARE™


“I looked into home care before, but just couldn’t justify spending hundreds of dollars a day and watching my caregiver spend most of their time sitting around with nothing to do. With TandemCARE™, I get support throughout the day for a fraction of the cost!”

-Paul, 71

“My mom had a fall recently, which landed her in the hospital. When she got home, she needed more care than I could realistically provide while working 9-5. Tandem makes sure my mom’s needs are taken care of so I don’t have to worry.”

-Sonia, 54

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“I love my TandemCARE™ Team! They show up on time and get right to work with whatever I need help with that day. I was worried at first about the visits not being long enough, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much they get done.”

-Donna, 64